Thursday, May 6, 2010

Webkeon is all set to emerge with a new identity

Webkeon, the leading Web services provider of India is going to serve its clients with a distinctive corporate policy and a new identity. In an attempt to serve the wider spectrum of clients, the IT services provider is also revamping its website. The new avatar will serve its customers in a more efficient and smart way with cutting-edge and state of the art technology.We have professionals who have decades of experience in making businesses successful by delivering them striking and eye catchy web design. Today, old model of just having a average static website does not work. You must have a powerful and engaging website to grow your online business. An ordinary "just good looking" website isn't enough to generate and sustain leads and sales. Webkeon Technologies has been involved in diverse types of web design and web development projects including content management system (CMS) and ecommerce implementations.

We will serve a wide league of clients of various sectors. The company will serve as the one-stop-shop for various web-related solutions. Armed with a team of expert, dedicated and skillful designers and web developers, the IT firm will provide the excellent and best quality IT services at really affordable prices. Web designing, development, web promotion and web hosting are its forte. The company thanks the team of well-trained and experienced professionals who have been developing as well as hosting web sites for a number of renowned companies within a very short period of time. Its designs are market specific and they mean business. A good website is the key to a booming business for many companies. It is part and parcel for the companies that are in the realm of online marketing. A good and attractive website lures the customers and thereby plays a pivotal role in scripting a growth story for the company.

The IT bellwether is striving to dig new ground so that a new level of excellence can be attained. The revamped IT firm expects to cater to the various needs of the clients in a more effective manner. Its client-base is increasing day by day and the revamped site will be able to serve the clients better. The company has been striving to create a new brand identity in the market so that it can offer superior web services to its clients. Its solutions and IT products are results-driven and customized according to the requirements of the clients.

The company accords high priority on quality. It leaves no stone unturned to deliver perfect solutions & products to the clients. The company religiously follows deadlines and at no point of time it has ever failed to respect any deadline of the clients. Webkeon offers value added services to tens of thousands of clients across the globe. The company considers its clients as partners of progress and every attempt is made to provide excellent services & products

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ecommerce Development

Electronic commerce is the new business venue these days. E-commerce is one of the easiest and economical ways of getting a business going as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, business owners - be it small or large - should carefully consider the ramifications of basing their business model either partially or wholly on an e-commerce system.

E commerce has provided businesses with more flexibility. Now the customers can purchase products anytime and from anywhere. Shopping cart software is wonderful software that helps people to select things they like online it is similar to a shopping cart that we carry in malls and Coles. A shopping cart lets you see the products you have chosen and saves your time which could have been wasted by visiting the product pages again and again.

Successful E-commerce website can reach millions of people all around the world. This strengthens the online presence of a company. E-commerce websites support a large number of features. Blogs, press releases and forums help in bringing immediate feedback of the product from the clients. The company can position the quality of their products through these features and deliver a better product.

An effective e-commerce website is the most significant tool that attracts customers from all over the world. The key objective of e-commerce web development is to extend the wings of a company and its products online. This should also ensure a pleasant shopping experience to the online customers. These websites are developed to enhance the complete productivity of the company and commercializing the products and services in the internet world. Return on Investment through a well-designed e-commerce website is incredibly very high.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flash Webiste Designing

Internet marketing is booming at rapid pace and looking at the present scenario today this industry has become multi-billion dollar industry. As business is getting more competitive the demand for online information and website development has increased dramatically in last couple of years. Presently every business firms whether it is small or big is looking for well presentable website that could explain about products and services offered by them. After having a sheer look at the present scenario, today website plays an important role of online identity for a company in online marketing. These days' websites act as visual interface and business card. By developing effective online profile of your company, you can create better corporate image of the company.

It is essential to understand that having an online presence means your business is open and you can convey your message easily. Now since every website represents a company and further help in attracting potential customer's attention, a bad website development or design may deject your customers to judge your online presence seriously. So it is very important to develop web that are well designed and have enough functionality to hold its visitors for longer time. This is one area where Flash web design solutions or Flash website development plays an important role and further gives an edge. If you want to provide a big and better impression to your visitors and want them to visit your site then using flash in your website is the answer.

Currently flash is not just a part of website, but has covered a long way and is now considered as a web template. Now you have flash templates to create any website which are better-looking than html web templates. Html web templates are plain but flash web templates are more interactive. Apart from this flash web templates have more user friendly navigation and amazing flash effects. Today where the time taken to make some decision or go through any website is getter shorter and nobody has enough time to go through the entire web-content a flash template can give them a better idea about the company.

This technology is getting its world-wide acceptance. Website that is developed on Flash has become very powerful, and today developers have begun to understand its potential in online marketing industry. Thus, flash technology is right answer if you are looking for the excellent web design solution for your website. In fact flash gives a sparkling touch to your website.

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Offshore Website Development

Today’s website development and design outsourcing trend is growing day by day in the online business world as well as in India because all companies are offering cost effective and time consuming process. Most of the online companies outsource their work to reduce costs and improved the quality of your website in desired time. India is one of the most sought destinations as far as the cost effectiveness, time consuming and quality of the outsourced work is concerned.

To introduce your website in the online web market, website optimization process is the best step in the current trends. Search Engine Optimization is a one type of technique that increasing the amount of traffic to the websites. In short, Search engine optimization is also known as SEO. This technique includes some expertise process that follows step by step business analysis, market research, keyword research and content optimization of given website. Web Design also make important role to identify SEO friendly design in the online market.

In current scenario web design outsourcing includes various kinds of layout design, logo design, and animation for your website that increase your online presence and competitive advantage over your competitors. Some experienced team of web designers can create a user friendly and attractive site that includes easy navigation, fast loading time, eye catching design and use high quality graphics for your website. It provides dynamic web design, static web design, web re-design and web template design.

With digitalization of world and integration of various modules separated geographically all changes are reflected dynamically in this real world and fetching information is easy these days. E-commerce is best example for this that lets visitors to shop online, all transactions being managed from the backend; you just enjoy shopping, placing orders without bothering about its other side happening. Emerging social networking sites are another set of examples of web development that influenced the worldwide communication network and helped disseminating useful information among members of the communities.

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